It Stains? Of Course (Not)

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green halloween recycle

After writing several blog posts for Really, Really, Really Neat Stuff and the awesome fake Blood Puddles and Water Puddles that we sell, I have had a lot of experience searching the internet for fake blood related shenanigans.  What has been my  most noticed question on Google? First and foremost, it has been how to remove fake blood stains and questions about how to make stain free fake blood.  From what I’ve seen, it’s nearly impossible to find fake blood that doesn’t stain.

With Halloween quickly approaching, the questions and concerns surrounding fake blood are on the rise!  One question forum website starts with a guy who has fake blood stains on his face! (I just thought people were concerned  with clothing stains!)  It quickly devolves into crass jokes and a reconciliation for him to leave it on and play it off like he is some serial killer or something.  While this is all fun and dandy, there are other solutions to his problem: Fake Blood Puddles!  They can be cut and manipulated into awesome shapes and sizes and used as make up.  Be Creative!

Other people–probably mothers and young film makers–search for non-staining fake blood BEFORE the fake blood is needed.

blood stained smiley

These people are planners with a gory vision and previous experience with fake blood.  Their previous experience most likely involved the staining of something they would rather not devote to hunting trips and Halloween attire for the rest of its existence.  This tells me two things: 1) These people are not going to find a reliable fake blood recipe or product that truly doesn’t stain and look real at the same time and 2)They need re-usable fake blood.  Fake Blood Puddles do both of these things in one fell swoop.   They can be used celebration after  celebration, year after year, costume after costume, and scene after bloody scene!

Recipes for Fake blood are hilarious, mind boggling or just plain wasteful.  It seems they all contain either food or seemingly harsh chemicals.  Do you want to smear chocolate sauce, Kool-Aid or egg whites all over your face and clothing? Gross, no way.  Are you curious about what hair gel and motor oil do when mixed together with food coloring?  I’m not; it darn near sounds illegal!  These solutions may sound appealing to the novice who needs fake blood and lacks critical thinking skills.  We who are experienced with the world of fake blood (and very eco-conscious too) recognize that Fake Blood Puddles are the real solution!  Fake Blood Puddles are non toxic and they do not promote the wasting of precious food stuffs!  Starving children everywhere would love that Kool-Aid and cholesterol savvy dieters would kill for those egg whites!  Furthermore, allof these recipes have to stain at LEAST a little bit, even the ones that contain laundry detergents or other soaps.

Finally, fake Blood Puddles are totally cost effective!  at only $4.99 a pop, fake Blood Puddles will revolutionize all of your fake blood needs!  The smallest tubes of liquid fake blood (which stain) start at about two bucks.  The prices just go up from there!  Buy a few tubes of blood for a couple parties per year, every year…that’s a good amount of money spent on fake blood that will only stain clothing (last I heard, clothing isn’t free!).  With a suffering economy and people that still want to have amazing Halloween costumes that can be re-used, the obvious winner here is a fake Blood Puddle!

Best Pranks of All Time

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Blood Puddles package

We here at Really, Really, Really Neat Stuff are more than just puddle people!  We are pranksters!  Sometimes people just take life too gosh darn seriously. So we, and I’m sure a bunch of you, take time out of our busy schedules to play pranks on those we love the most. Pulling off a great prank is the ultimate sign of love and affection, yes?

So here are some of our favorite pranks using fake Blood Puddles™ and the just as wonderful, especially for pranks, Water Puddles™.  First, let’s teach you some of our lingo.  A “prankee” is he or she who is getting pranked.  This prankee is most likely your mom, dad, child, brother, sister or good friend.  Prankees could extend into your other relatives, teachers or strangers as well!  Next we have the “prankster.”  YOU are the prankster!

Involved Pranks (These pranks take some preparation and time)

1. This is the easiest and most obvious use for your beloved fake Blood Puddle™ . Before your prankee comes in the room, lie on the ground. Try to get sweaty a few minutes before doing this by doing some jumping jacks or something so that when they find you you are clammy and gross feeling. Place the fake blood puddle under your mouth, or better yet next to your ear! It’s always a really bad sign when people are bleeding out of the ear.

Try to twist your body into a believable position.  Find a step or something that could be easily tripped over.  Cock one arm up and a leg to the side.  Throw your hair around so it looks like you fell or something, and please please please make your clothing believable.  That is one of the quickest giveaways of a fake falling.  One of the easiest wardrobe tweaks is to untie a shoe, so it looks like you tripped.

2. Computers are expensive, even a keyboard is expensive! I remember when my little bro. broke a water balloon on our keyboard. I bet my mom wished it was a prank performed with the perfect puddle: the fake Water Puddle.  Alas, it was not…But now you can benefit from our misery!

First, find a clean empty glass.  Make sure this glass is one that you would normally drink water out of.  If you are a novice prankster, take note: details are the most important factors in pulling off the perfect prank. Next, get your Water Puddle™, and place it so part of it is under the keyboard of the computer (for a laptop or desktop).  Lay the cup on the keyboard so that it looks like you spilled water and it is pooling under the keyboard.

For extra believability, ask your mom for a hair drier.  When she asks you why, tell her you just need it to dry something really quickly (act a little weird to ensure that she will investigate what you need said hair drier for). Quickly scamper off to wherever the computer is and start “drying” the water.  If your prankee doesn’t come to investigate, make sure to yell for them or run to them apologizing profusely:  “Mom…mom! I’m so sorry….I didn’t mean to, it just slipped, and then I tried to catch it which just made it worse and then it went everywhere, good thing it wasn’t juice or something, but it’s still bad and I’m sorry…”  This works best when spoken very quickly and incoherently.

Easy Pranks (For pranksters on the fly)

3. Find your prankee’s favorite stuffed animal.  Put it face down in the middle of the room.  Place fake blood puddle under stuffed animal.  Wait for hilarity to ensue.

4. Bring your water puddle to school.  Find that kid that ALWAYS sleeps during class.  Place fake water puddle where he or she would drool.  Wait for hilarity to ensue.

5. Blood puddles are yucky! You can place one anywhere–on countertops, in the middle of the hallway, on the kitchen table or on a desk.  They will surely make someone scream wherever they are placed.

6. Water Puddles can be used the same way as you use blood puddles in prank #6, they just aren’t quite as yucky.

These are just a few of the many pranks you could pull off with amazing Blood Puddles™ and Water Puddles™.  The best thing about having your own blood or water puddle is that they are re-usable, so you can pull of pranks over and over and over again!  It is really funny to see how many times the same pranks work on the same people repeatedly. Do you have any other pranks? We would LOVE to hear about them and practice them ourselves!!


It Looks Frighteningly Real!

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Blood Puddles™ (and their clearer, yet still just as awesome relatives, Water Puddles™) are here! Finally! To truly appreciate their usefulness let’s take a trip down a sanguine history lane….

Old School Horror Film Poster

We’ve all seen horror movies and crime shows—those ones with all the gore and fake blood and guts and pure amazingness. If you’re like me, you’ve wondered, where do they get all that fake hemoglobin?  Is it really from pigs—as the one and only Alfred Hitchcock would like us to think in Psycho?  Ha, no (Hitchcock actually used chocolate syrup). That’s super gross. Poor pigs, they are meant for bacon.

Some of that fake blood looks amazingly real–definitely gag worthy. However, prop blood has come a long way since it started its debut a long, long time ago. There are even seminars held about the first uses of theatrical and costume blood (it must be a bloody good time!).

The first record of fake blood used in entertainment is in Prometheus Bound. It’s from 465 B.C. or thereabouts, and it is just as boring as everything else from 2500 years ago. Prometheus is a dude who makes Zeus really mad.  Making Zeus mad is not a good thing, so Prometheus is sentenced to being chained up where a giant eagle can swoop in to eat his heart and liver every day–and they grow back every day. This play was fairly popular for more than 100 years after it was written—prop blood had finally made its shining and successful debut. Since super realistic products like Blood Puddles weren’t available, these ancient playwrights probably did end up using pig’s blood, or sheep’s blood, or…ewwww.

So, animal blood and parts (doesn’t get any less grody the more I say it) were used as prop blood for a long time. Sometimes tinted paints were used as well, but they weren’t quite as convincing as the real thing. Then playwrights started using “Cochineal,” which is a red dye made from dried South American insects. This dye was mixed with other agents, like corn syrup, and is still widely used today. They went from animal parts to insect parts—doesn’t really seem any less disgusting.  If you’re really interested in the historical stage use of fake blood check out this great timeline.

With the dawn of cinematography, horror flick creators were blessed with black and white film. They used chocolate sauce as prop blood! Hitchcock was a fan because the color didn’t matter (it’s black and white, duh!), only the shade and consistency. Mmmm…..I would definitely run up the stairs to an all too soon and bloody end rather than a real escape from the killer if it meant access to chocolate sauce! It’s really too bad Hershey’s™ won’t scare your little brother one bit (unless he’s allergic to chocolate).

Do you think Shakespeare ever tried to pull one over on his old lady using a sheep’s stomach full of blood?  Or Hitchcock laid face down on the floor with a pool of fake blood to trick his gullible buddies? (He probably would have.)  If they did, their moms were surely unhappy with the gross, sticky mess they had to clean up afterward.  Luckily, the makers of fake Blood Puddles™ have created the perfect answer to the mess!

Angry Mom After Seeing Prankster’s Mess

A few years ago the makers of crime shows and horror movies got sick of constantly cleaning up fake blood and destroying nice clothes and sets and other expensive things.  It was impossible to find a fake blood that didn’t stain and take forever to clean up. Out of this, a new product was born! The Original Blood Puddles™. All the fun without the mess. Just plain awesome.

With a long history of stage blood, cinema blood and costume blood, it’s great to see that fake blood puddles have finally been perfected. The best part is that you can now get them without going to Hollywood!  You can get it right here, whenever you want.

If you have any funny stories or pictures of you with a Water Puddle, a Blood Puddle or any other funny gag item, send them our way.  We would love to see them and share them on our blog!

Also, a special thanks to Nick Luchessi at the Riverfront Times for a great article on the history of theatrical blood!